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CEK Kennels is located in beautiful NE Kansas right in the heart of farm country.  We have access to over 15,000 acres to train and hunt on pheasant, quail and prairie chickens. 

CEK KENNELS is also home to the Brown County Field Trial Club, one of the best location in the state of Kansas to host an event like this!  We also have horse pens, parking, and did I mention........plenty of Ground!!!!  With Restaurants and Accommodations within 3 miles of the grounds this is a tough venue not to put on your calendar.    Landowners and help have been a key making this event a true success!  This little "ole" weekend trial will transition to a "classic" in the fall of 2012 after only 1 year in existence!  Championships are bound to follow shortly!

Dogs and birds dominate the day to day activities at CEK KENNELS with the greatest care given to each.  With over 15,000 acres to train on year round we also have plenty of opportunities to put birds in front of dogs, wild birds not only pen raised!

785-288-0461 or email @ ckroll@cekkennels.com.



Taking bird orders for summer of 2012, Call for details!!